Ingram Rewards

Ingram Rewards is Ingram Micro’s first premier loyalty rewards program where vendors can opt-in and receive a plethora of benefits including free ground freight, free S+H, and tech support.

This project was a team effort. I leveraged our visual designer to provide the final designs while I primarily focused on the site’s experience and interactions. In particular, I led research, usability testing sessions, and created wireframes and lo-fi prototypes.

Our final product consists of a landing page and a chain of emails which included the following types: a recruitment email, progress update email, and a Black Friday email.

  • Role UX Designer, Usability Researcher
  • Type Email and Landing Page
  • Tools Used Balsamiq, UXPin, Photoshop
Challenge Create a B2B reward program that caters to 5 different customer segments comprising of various tiered Ingram Micro resellers. Research I first started with a competitor analysis evaluation. I visited other rewards websites and analyzed their offerings, competitive advance, and online experience. The two companies I looked at were Amazon Prime and Starbucks Rewards. In particular, how they address their perks and their online experience.

After the analysis, the program manager and I created 3 different tiered packages for our program: basic, plus, and tech support.

My other research efforts included one-on-one interviews with some of Ingram Micro’s current vendors who had already participated in a similar rewards program in Q3 2016. From these interviews, I was able to validate some key user needs for both the email campaign and the online experience.
Mindmap Information Architecture Wireframe Usability Testing Our usability testing sessions consisted of many scenarios and tasks for the user. One of the examples and key findings is featured below.

Number of Participants: 3
Scenario: Enroll in Ingram Rewards Online

- Purchase a SKU
- Register as a new reseller

Key Findings
- 33% success rate for checkout process completion; time on task > 3 minutes
- 100% success rate for new reseller registration; time on task < 2 minutes
Modal Workflow Hi-Fi Prototype Emails
Recruitment Email

Progress Update

Black Friday
Next Steps Next steps for this program is to continuously monitor engagement rate and reach out to our partners for feedback on how to improve our offerings via surveys, one-on-one interviews, etc.