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Sharepark (iOS)

Find parking with Sharepark.

How It Works:
Search for parking spots nearby
Book your spot based on preferred specifications

Mobile App
Visual Designer
Quick-and-Dirty Test with User Due to the time constraint and scope of the project, I needed to quickly get feedback to validate my design decisions. From my “quick-and-dirty” test with my user, I was able to confirm some of the design choices in my paper prototype. However, it also allowed me to understand the following insights:

1. The user assumed the list view is defaulted to cheapest to most expensive
2. The user assumed that you could click on the “boxes represented individual parking spots” and you could “click to book”
3. The confirmation screen should have detailed information on how many hours your spot has been reserved
Key Decisions The visual design is minimal with only one primary color and a few accent colors.
- The parking spot bubbles are given a more “pop of color” so the user can easily see the spots that were available
- The user has the flexibility to switch between the map and list view using the icon to the right on the title menu
- More prominence and weight is given to the font size for the price so users can easily distinguish price points
- The individual listing screen has a sticky bottom section that is fixed so the user can select quickly even as he/she scrolls
- The checkout process should be as simple as possible, allowing the user to clearly see the amount due and switch between their payment options, Apple Pay, add new, etc.
- Reservation confirmation screen had a big CTA to get them to go into their default phone map app so that they could proceed to their booked location with ease
Video Walkthrough
View Interactive Prototype